Capturing both still and moving images, I was always more interested in getting the real feel of a place or situation. In my opinion, a story always feels more real and interesting when it is true. And reality can be just as crazy, unbelievable and awesome as fiction. I had my documentary video phase in university, at the same exact time while I was doing my most crazy experimentation. Later I was able to mix what I took from messing around with both extremes and I think that was crucial for my professional training. Nowadays, have a big list of really clear ideas of things, places and people I personally want to document, but not too much time. But for the sake of this website, these are a few examples of work I did previously, recorded in Spain and the Canary Islands (Years: 2013 to 2016)

Casa Esperanza

Casa Esperanza is a documentary video I made while volunteering for a charity named Cáritas in Gran Canaria, one of the 7 islands of the Spanish Canary archipelago.

Casa Esperanza is a charitable institution that helps people with alcohol addiction problems. They have this giant house secluded in the mountains on the north of this beautiful volcanic island where the people in rehabilitation can choose to live for a few months. As some of them leave and others arrive, the group adapts to the needs of the individuals, helping and supporting those in need in every moment. It is amazing to understand how they go through this big lifestyle change, finding ways to cope, help themselves and their new fiends at the same time, rebuilding their stronger selves and getting ready to return to their families and daily lives. The sum of circumstances in Casa Esperanza makes it a life-changing experience for everyone that steps foot on the property.

Year: 2016

March for your rights

March for Your Rights is a report I did while volunteering for a charity named Cáritas in Gran Canaria, on the Canary Islands, Spain. The charity organised a big protest for the social rights the citizens had been losing during the last few years in Spain, and especially in the islands. Thousands of people marched through the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, demanding for their rights to be restored and for a boost in social politics for the islands.

Year: 2016


SanJuan is a documentary video I made about Encarna SanJuan. She goes back in her memories to what it was growing up in the 20’s in Spain. She talks about how it feels to live through two wars while still trying to live a “normal” life. Being a woman in the 30’s, working to help her family, felling in love for the first time, becoming a mother, running a family and how the world changed. An incredible story, so close and so far to the world we live in today.

Year: 2013

Families’ Meetings

Families’ Meeting is a video I edited while volunteering for a charity named Cáritas in Gran Canaria, on the Canary Islands, Spain. The charity organises every year a big social gathering for all the families they help across the island. With activities for all ages, they meet, learn, eat and dance together in a day to always remember.

Year: 2016