From all the countries I’ve had the luck to visit, Japan has its own category. It is another world, where different rules apply. It is not even comparable to their Korean neighbours or even the China. It can be so civilised and chaotic at the same time, so traditional yet modern, so controlled yet crazy! It will make you wonder which is what! The cities are worthy of the best sci-fi imaginative minds and the countryside is even more astonishing. They just have it all, and they really know how to take care of it.


Japan’s singularities and oddities will keep you curious beyond words. And curiosity will take you a long way in this country. There’s so much to see, to discover and experience that when you think you’ve finally seen it all, something new and unexpected comes out of nowhere and you realise it never ends! It’s just a different planet, and a very photogenic one! (Year: 2018)

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