Macau is the perfect mix between the traditional Portugal and China. It was very strange for me to experience this for the first time. My own culture, mixed with another so different and resulting in something so beautiful. Most signs are written in Portuguese, but then everyone speaks, writes, reads and looks Chinese. Maybe because you can see China and Hong Kong just across the river! It also seems to me that the Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese Egg Tarts) are just as important for the Macanese as they are for the inhabitants of Lisbon. The Macau Peninsula looked to me as if a very old city of Portugal had been abandoned for 50 years – it looked great. The wrecked and shattered old buildings were my photographic paradise for as long and I could bear. The vegetation also mixed very well with the general post apocalyptic appearance. It was all so (un)real, chaotic, smelly and genuine! (Year: 2017)

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