Back in 2006-09, I studied a bachelor degree in Image and Sound at ESAD.CR, Portugal. The subjects included Image Theory, Experimental Cinematography, Video Post-Production, Audio Theory, Animation, and of course, (analogical and digital) Photography and Video. My initial emphasis was in Photography, but as I gained practical knowledge my focus was split between still and moving images. These are some videos I made as a student. (Years: 2006 to 2009)

Light Design

Light Design is a stop-motion video made with long exposure photographs. Flashlights, colour filters, a dark studio, lots of imagination and fooling around. We were experimenting with light and ended up having lots of fun and learning a lot more than we had expected.

Year: 2007


Egotrip was supposed to be just that, a short trip through the ego. It was a short video edit that synthesized me. What made me be me and what mattered to me back in 2005. I had plenty of point and shoot clips, so the complicated part what selecting what really mattered and connect everything. It really was for me a trip through myself.

Year: 2006
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Café Central

Café Central portrays the day-to-day life of a very famous and busy coffee shop in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Different people go to the coffee shops for many different reasons, especially in Portugal. The loyal customers and their routines, the one-time visitors, the different times of the day and the different activities that make people stay and enjoy. And now, in 2019, this video would be a totally different sight.

Year: 2008
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